Dicas de Inglês

Expressões Kids
Catota - boogers
Pinto - pee pee, wee wee ou winkie
Chupeta - pacifier
Mamadeira - bottle
You are grounded - tah de castigo
Timeout for... - castigo por x min...
hide and seek - pique esconde
tic tac toe - jogo da velha
clay - massinha
marker - canetinha
flip flop - chinelo

Expressões Idiomáticas em inglês

1 - guinea-pig: someone who allows himself to be used as a subject for experiments. 
Ex: Why don't you try that new restaurant first. I don't want to be the ~. 

2 - Take your time!: Don't hurry! 

3 - on Cloud Nine: to be very happy. (= to be in seventh heaven). Ex: Since her engagement to Peter, Joan has been ~.

4 - Time is running out!: There is little time left!

5 - It's raining cats and dogs!: It's raining very heavily!

6 - a fair-weather friend: a friend only for as long as things are going well.

7 - down-to-earth: practical, sensible; concerned with facts not theories. Ex: I am surprised that a ~ character like Jim should suddenly start taking an interest in astrology.

8 - the black sheep of the family: a member of a family who has disgraced himself/herself.

9 - once in a blue moon: extremely rarely. Ex: What does it matter what your uncle thinks of you? He only visits you ~.

10 - to see someone in his true colors: to understand someone's true character, often for the first time. Ex: When he lost his temper, he showed himself in his ~.

11 - to see red: to get very angry at something. Ex: When the workers found out that their wages had been cut, they saw red.

12 - to look through rose-colored/tinted glasses: to see things in a flattering or over-optimistic light. Ex: Anne always enjoys her visits because she sees everything through ~, but she would feel differently if she had to live there.

13 - to catch someone red-handed: to catch someone in the act of committing a crime, usually a theft. Ex: Caught you ~! I saw you take the money out of the box.

14 - red tape: bureaucratic delay, excessive attention to rules and regulations. Ex: I had to go through a lot of ~ to get a green card in the U.S.

15 - a white lie: a harmless or well-intentioned lie. This is generally not considered morally wrong because the motive is to spare the feelings of the person lied to. Ex: Thanks for such a delicious supper Ms. Carman. You're an excellent cook. (This is what you would say even if you did not like the meal.)

16 - white trash: very poor white people. A derogatory term that Blacks might use when referring to White people.

17 - 
in the air: of plans, undecided, uncertain. Ex: We haven't made up our minds yet where we are going to spend our summer vacation; our plans are still ~.

18 - to be in a jam: to be in great difficulties, to be in a mess. Ex: I'm really ~ right now because I have a faculty meeting at 2:00 and have to pick up the kids from school at 2:15.

19 - a backseat driver: this phrase refers to the passenger in the back (or front) of a car, who is always telling the driver what to do. Ex: Watch out for that car! Don't go too fast! Slow down! Careful, there's a stop sign ahead! Don't park to close to the curb! (These are things a ~ would say.)

20 - to hit the road: to leave by car (or on foot). Ex: I better ~ now or I'll be late for class. What you might say when you have to leave someone.

21 - a labor of love: a work done without payment, either for its own sake or for the sake of a loved one. It may just be something that you enjoy doing. Ex: Her work at the homeless shelter is ~.

22 - moral support: encouragement. Ex: I'm taking a driving test tomorrow at the Division of Motor Vehicles. I hope you'll go with me to give me ~.

23 - I've got to hand it to you: I must congratulate you.

24 - to give someone the cold shoulder: to treat someone with marked coldness, to ignore him in a noticeable manner. Ex: When I greeted Lucy this morning, she pretended not to see me. I wonder why she is giving me.

25 - an early bird: someone who rises early or likes to rise early.
26 - a night owl: someone who likes to stay up late.
27 - to play it by ear: to wait and see how things will be before doing something. Ex: Mark: Should we go to the beach tomorrow? Bob: Let's ~. We might be too tired after tonight's party.
28 - It has your name on it: It's just right for you. It's something you would like.
29 - You can say that again!: Really! or That's true! This idiom expresses strong agreement with what someone else has said.
30 - to be two-faced: to agree with a person to his face but disagree with him behind his back.
31 - like father, like son: resemblance of the son to the father. The son is likely to do the same thing that his father would do. You can also say: like mother, like daughter.
32 - a redneck: (American colloquialism) a person (usually a man) who is very crude and insensitive. A typical ~ might look like a trucker, have a beer belly, and laugh loudly.
33 - to have the guts to ... : to have the courage to ... . Ex: He didn't ~ stand by his friend when he was in trouble.
34 - it runs in the blood: it is an inherited quality. Ex: The Barkers have been great bakers for generations. It ~. You can also say: It's in someone's blood.
35 - a skeleton in the closet: a source of embarrassment and shame to a family, which is kept secret from strangers. Ex: Don't the Millers have a ~ ? I think they have a relative who has been in prison.
36 - a scorcher: a very hot day. Ex: Today was a ~ when the temperature reached 96 degrees!
37 - no way or no way Jose: (colloquial American) out of the question, impossible. Ex: "Could you lend me $ 100 bucks?" " ~ , I haven't got that much money myself!"
38 - the bread-winner: the wage-earner who supports the family. Ex: With Father ill, our eldest brother has become the ~ of the family.
39 - in the same boat: to suffer the same predicament as somebody else. Ex: We are affected by rising prices just as much as you; we are all in ~.
40 - to give something a shot: to try something to see how well you do. Ex: Table tennis looks pretty easy. Why don't you give it a shot.
41 - to give someone a break: a popular expression used to express annoyance and disbelief. = "You're kidding!"
42 - "Come on": 3. = "You're kidding!"
43 - come off it (to): to stop talking nonsense. Ex: "Why don't you buy that car over there?" " ~ ! I could never afford that."
44 - grab a bite: to get something to eat quickly. Ex: Let's ~ before the movie."
45 - knock it off (to): to stop. Ex: Could you please ~ ? Your drums are driving me crazy!.
46 - to have it made in the shade: to have an easy time of something. Ex: This test isn't long! Once I answer the questions in this difficult section, I should ~ .
47 - "It's up to you.": = You can decide.
48 - fender-bender: a minor car accident without any casualties.
49 - chicken out (to): to become scared. Ex: I was going to ask her out but I ~ at the last minute. You can also call someone a chicken, meaning a person who is afraid to do something.
50 - crackdown: n. a rigorous attack. Ex: The police force has implemented a ~ on gang violence. Also used as a verb (to crackdown on someone), meaning to become more strict with someone. The teacher decided to ~ her students because they were being to lazy.

Vocabulary Tips
Diga SPEAKING quando voce atender o telefone e a pessoa do outro lado da linha disser que gostaria de falar com voce mesmo.
Dinah: Hello!
Caller: Is this Dinah?
Dinah: Speaking. And you are..?
Caller: Oh, I'm Jim. blah blah blah
Wrong number: 
Ao atendermos o telefone, às vezes percebemos que a pessoa discou o número errado. A expressão que normalmente usamos em portugues é "é engano". Em inglês, diga simplesmente "You have the wrong number". E se a pessoa perguntar por alguem desconhecido, diga "there isn't anyone here by that name".
Gostando (eu estou gostando da sua companhia): Por favor, JAMAIS digam "I'm LIKING your company". Em vez de like, usem ENJOY, que é mais pra curtir ou desfrutar.
SeeUnderstandNeedBelongBelieveThink (to have an opinion), Feel (think), Recognize , etc = Não são normalmente utilizados no Continuous Tense (ing). Esqueça needing, seeing, believeing, etc. 
Vocabulário com as Kids:
After shave lotion = Loção pos barba
All done= Acabado
Baby carriage = Carrinho de passeio (deitado)
Baby carrier = Carregador de bebê q coloca nos ombros (fica igual uma mochilinha de bebê)
Baby food = Comida para bebê
Baby lotion = Loção para bebê
Baby powder = Talco para bebê
Baby seat = "Bebê conforto"
Baby wipes = Lenços umidecidos
backpack = mochila
bad word = palavrao
Barrettes = Presilhas
Base/ Foundation = Base
bedtime = hora de ir pra cama
Bib = Babador
bicho papão = boogeyman
Blanket= cobertor
Blush/ Rouge = Blush
Bob esponja = Spong Bob
Bobby pins = Grampo
boboo – dodói
boogers = catota
Bottle = Mamadeira
Branca de Neve = Snow White
brill = da hora, fantastico
Car seat= Cadeira para transportar as kids no carro,
Changing table/ Dressing table = Mesa para trocar de roupa
Chest (of Drawers) = Cômoda
chinelo = flip flop
Clean up= Limpar/arrumar
cliker / remote control = controle remoto
Cloth diapers = Fraldas de pano
Comb = Pente
Conditioner/ Rinse = Condicionador
Cotton swabs = Cotonetes
Cradle = Berço q balança
Crib = Berço
Crib bumper = Colchão de berço
Crib toy = Brinquedo de berço
Dental floss = Fio dental
Deodorant = Desodorante
Diaper pail = "Balde" de fraldas
Diaper pins = Alfinete
Disposable diapers = Fraldas descartáveis
Doll = Boneca
Dress up - se fantasiar
Electric razor/ Electric shaver = Aparelho de barbaer eletrico
Emery board = Lixa de unha
Eye liner = Delineador
Eye shadow = Sombra
Get dressed - se arrumar
Go ahead - Va em frente
Go night-night - Ir pra cama
go potty = ir ao banheiro
goodies = guloseimas
gross = nojento
Hair brush = Escova de cabelo
Hair clips = Prendedor de cabelo
Hairspray = Spray de cabelo
Hand lotion = Creme para as maos
heat it up = esquentar
Highchair= Cadeira propria para refeicoes de babies,
Holy Cow = Minha nossa!!!
Holy Molley = Minha nossa!!!
Holy shit = Caramba (nao e para as kids porque "shit" e palavrao)
holy smoke = santo Deus!
Intercom = Babá eletronica
jack shit = necas d pitibiriba, "merda" nehuma(mas naum eh usado p/crianças devido ao shit)
jogo da velha = tic tac toe
Kitty Cat - gatinho
Lipstick = Baton
Lobo mau = Big Bad Wolf
lunch box = lancheira 
Makeup = maqueagem
Mascara = Rimel
Mobile = móbile
Mouthwash = Eh tipo "Listerine", "cepacol"...
Mulher Maravilha = Wonder Woman
Nail brush = Escovinha de limbar a unha
Nail clipper = Cortador de unha
Nail file = Lixa de unha de ferro
Nail polish = Esmalte
Nail polish remover = Removedor de esmalte
nariz escorrendo = runny nose
Night light = Abajur
Nipple = Bico de mamadeira
nuts = louco
odds and sods = bugigangas
Oitment = Pomada
okey dokey = ok, combinado
Pacifier= Chupeta
pack lunch = fazer a lancheira
Pantera cor-de-rosa = Pink Panther
penaut = amendoim
Perfume/ Cologne = Perfume
pique esconde = hide and seek
Play outside= Brincar lah fora
playdate = ir brincar na casa de um amigo ou ter um amigo na casa
Playdough – massinha
Playpen = Aqueles "chiqueirinhos" q coloca o bebê p/ brincar
Portable crib = Berço portatil
Potty = Piniquinho
Powder = Talco
puppy - cachorrinho
Rattle = Chocalho
Razor = Apareho de barbear
Razor blades = Giletes
run out of gas = acabar a gosolina
Scissors = Tesoura
Seven Dwarfs = 7 anoes
Shampoo = Shampoo
Shaving creme = Creme de barbear
Shoe polish = Graxa p/ sapato
Shower cap = Toca de banho
sleepover = passar a noite na casa de um amiguinho
slide - escorregar
Snack= lanche
Stretch suit = Macacão com pezinho
Stroller = Carrinho de passeio (sentado)
Stuffed animal = Bichinho de pelúcia
swing - balanco
take a nap = tirar uma soneca
Teddy bear = Ursinho de pelúcia
Teething ring = Mordedor
timeout = castigo
to be off = estar de folga
Toothbrush = Escova de dente
Toothpaste = Pasta de dente
Toy chest = Baú de brinquedos
Tweezers = Pinca
Vitamins = Vitaminas
Walker = Andador
What the heck!!! = Que diabos!!!!

Vocabulário e expressões coloquiais populares no Brasil e seus equivalentes nos EUA:

• One for the road = A saideira
• The worst-case scenario = A pior das hipóteses
• To give something up = Abrir mão de algo
• To hit the nail on the head = Acertar em cheio
• Come what may = Aconteça o que acontecer
• After all = Afinal de contas
• Loan shark = Agiota
• Soul mate = Alma gêmea
• To breastfeed = amamentar
• To chicken out = Amarelar
• To walk barefoot = Andar descalço
• Leap year = Ano bissexto
• Inside out = ao avesso
• To tighten one's belt = economizar
• To roll up one's sleeves = arregaçar as mangas
• At = Arroba (@)
• To make room for = Arrumar espaço para…
• Sexual harassment = Assédio Sexual
• To take over = Assumir a direção, o controle/ tomar as rédeas
• To come out of the closet = Assumir a homossexulidade
• Controversial subject = Assunto polêmico
• Short-cut = Atalho
• To let someone know about something = Avisar alguém de algo
• Heartburn = Azia
• Asshole = Babaca
• To butter up = Bajular
• To kick the bucket = Bater as botas
• To harp on = Bater na mesma tecla
• To hang up on someone = Bater o telephone na cara de alguém
• Bunk bed = Beliche
• Boogeyman = Bicho-papão
• Piece of cake = Bico/moleza/fichinha/facinho
• Costume Jewelry = Bjuteria
• Free Grub = Boca-Livre
• Scholarship = Bolsa de estudos
• Common Sense = Senso Comum
• Tacky = Cafona/Brega
• To play hide and seek = Brincar de esconde-esconde
• Red Tape = Burocracia
• To ditch classes = Cabular/Matar aula
• To get real = Cairn a real
• ATM (automated teller machine) = Caixa Eletrônico de Banco
• Straw = Canudinho (de refresco)
• Wedding shower = Chá de cozinha
• Pacifier = Chupeta
• Guinea pig = Cobaia
• To cheat = Colar na prova
• Pacifier = Chupeta
• Guinea pig = Cobaia
• To cheat = Colar na prova
• To fill someone in on something = Colocar alguém a par de alguma coisa
• On borriwed time = Com os dias contados
• To catch up = Colocar os assuntos em dia
• To make a blunder = Cometer uma gafe
• How dare you...? = Como você se atreve a...?
• Traffic jam = Congestionamento/engarrafamento
• Cocky = Convencido
• Runny nose = coriza/Nariz escorrendo
• To bounce back = Dar a volta por cima
• To tell someone off = Dar bronca em alguém
• To flush = Dar descarga
• To hit on = Dar em cima de
• To dump someone = Dar um fora em alguém
• To back out = Dar para trás/cair fora
• On call = De plantão
• To tell on = Dedurar
• To drive someone crazy = Deixar alguém louco
• To make it clear = Deixar claro
• Dentures = Dentaduras
• To get it off one's chest = desabafar
• Lame excuse = Desculpa esfarrapada
• Shoot = Fala Logo
• Absent-minded = Distraído
• To sleep like a log = Dormir como uma pedra…
• That's why = É por isso que...
• It's a lemon! = É um abacaxi!
• It Sucks! = É uma droga!
• Side effect = Efeito colateral
• Sharp = Em ponto (horas)
• Dead-end job = Emprego sem futuro
• To gobble down = Comer depressa
• To go under the knife = Entrar na Faca
• Hand-picked = Escolhido a dedo
• To be grounded = Estar de castigo
• I'm beat = Estou exausto
• Shantytown/Slum = Favela
• To make up = Fazer as pazes
• To make faces = Fazer careta
*olho roxo = black eye
* mancha roxa (hematoma) = black and blue mark
* no azul (minha conta no banco está no azul) = in the black

- o nariz (ela torceu o nariz a minha oferta) = she turned up the nose at my offer
- o tornozelo = to sprain the ankle
a roupa = to wring
- o pescoco da galinha = to wring the chicken's neck
- para um time de futebol = to support

* sem sombra de duvida = without a dhadow of doubt
* caiu a ficha = the penny dropped

- em circulos criminosos: stool pigeon, stollie OU informer
- infantil: tell teller, tele-tale-tit, tattler, snitch

* deus lhe ouça = I hope gOD grants your wishes.
* ir ao que interessa = to cut the chase OU to get the point
* falar é facil = easier said than done
* dar branco = to go blank
* cabelo branco = gray hair
* feliz aniversario atrasado = happy belated birthday
* lavatory = banheiro de avião
* chave de casa, de carro, CHAVE DE.. = key to (one's house, one's car, etc)
* mar de rosas = bed of roses
* vivendo e aprendendo = live and learn
* hora da verdade = moment of truth
* durex = scotch tape
* curto e grosso = short and sweet
* "estou com o carro do meu pai", "estou com a chave de fulana" = I HAVE my dad's car tonight; I have Fulana's key
* "O telefone ta ocupado" = the line is busy
* on the wagon = abster-se de bebidas alcolicas
* "caiu a linha" (na ligação e tal" = to get cut off.
* aprender com (eu aprendi com meu pai) = learn FROM
* Gastar dinheiro com: SPEND MONEY ON
* ESQUECER ALGUMA COISA EM ALGUM LUGAR: to left. (I left my book at home.)

Antacid tablets = Antiácido
Aspirin = Aspirina
Caplet = Comprimido
Capsule = Cápsula
Cold tablets = Comprimidos para resfriados
Cough drops = Pastilhas para tosse
Cough syrup = Charope
Creme = Creme
Descongestant spray/ nasal spray = Descongestionante nasal
Eye drops = Colíro
Heating pad = Bolsa quente para fazer compressa
Ice pack = Bolsa de gelo
Lotion = Loção
Ointment = Pomada
Painkiller = Analgésico
Pill/ tablet = Comprimido
Sore muscle oitment = pomada para contusão muscular
Throat lozenges = Pastilhas para garganta
Vitamins = Vitaminas
Wheelchair = Cadeira de rodas

1 - Rabo : OX TAIL
2 - Lagarto: EYE OF THE ROUND
3 - Coxao Duro: OUTSIDE ROUND
4 - Coxao Mole : TOP INSIDE
5- Musculo: MUSCLE, SHANK
6 - Patinho: KNUCKLE
7 - Picanha: RUMPSTEAK
- Alcatra: TOP SIRLOIN
9 - Contra File Argentino : SIRLOIN
10 - File Mignon : MIGNON ou TENDERLOIN
12 - Fraldinha : BOTTOM SIRLOIN
13 - Ponta de Agulha: SHORT RIBS
14 - Capa de File: PRIME RIB
15 - Acem: CHUCK
16 - Braco: SHOULDER
17 - Peito: BREAST
18 - Pescoco: NECK
19 - File de Costela: STRIP LOIN
20 - Costela: RIB
21 - Maminha: TRIP-TIP
22 - Cupim: HUMP

Tudo que for moido eh GROUND…

Fonte: http://www.manualdaaupair.com.br/